Leo Martin

Leo Martin

Former intelligence service agent - TV crime expert - bestselling author



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  • Prime time TV shows on RTL: "In Hot Pursuit!" (Verfolgt! Tätern auf der Spur) and "Witness Wanted" (Augenzeuge gesucht)   
  • Books: "You Don't Fool Me!" (Ich durchschau dich!) and "I Will Win You Over!" (Ich krieg dich!) 





Lecture Series.

Win People Over, Build Up Trust, Manage People, How to Read People








TV Shows on RTL.

"Witness Wanted" (Augenzeugen gesucht) 
"In Hot Pursuit" (Verfolgt)







Leo Martin received his degree in criminology and worked ten years for a major German intelligence agency. His special assignment was to recruit and handle informants. 
He also gives lectures at leading companies on topics such as The Secret Weapons of Communication: Achieving Striking Effects With Soft Skills" and "Trust: Your Concealed Weapon for Winning People Over".   
In addition, his books "I Will Win You Over!" (Ich krieg dich!) and "You Don't Fool Me!" (Ich durchschau dich!) became SPIEGEL magazine bestsellers. 
Leo Martin is perhaps best known for his appearances in the prime time series "In Hot Pursuit" (Verfolgt) and "Witness Wanted" (Augenzeugen gesucht) on RTL.